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Sexual Harassment

It is unlawful to sexually harass a person. Harassment can include unwelcome sexual advances. Three types of sexual harassment are physical, verbal, and visual.

Breach of Non-Compete Agreements

Employers can pursue legal action against employees who violate a valid non-compete covenant. Former employees could face civil penalties for violating your agreement.

Executive Employment Contracts

Legal contracts between employers and executives define the terms of their working relationship. These contracts outline such topics as salary, stock options, benefits, etc.

Breach of Confidential Information

When confidential information is given to a third party without the owners consent, a breech of confidentiality has occurred. Employers can sue for breech of confidentiality.

Wrongful Discharge

Employers can protect themselves from a wrongful discharge lawsuit by having an employment contract for their employees. Employment is considered “at will” employment unless a statute or contract says otherwise.

Compensation Plans

Employment contracts for compensation plans clearly state terms for payment, overtime payment, and commissions. Other types of compensation can also be agreed upon.